Community Garden Readiness Assessment
The Michigan Health Improvement Alliance (MiHIA) is committed to creating community gardens to increase access to fresh produce within the region. The MiHIA Regional Community Health Improvement Plan (RCHIP) recognizes that community gardens are an evidence-based strategy to reducing the adult obesity rate. MiHIA is seeking to create gardens in counties where community gardens currently do not exist as well as to enhance counties with additional gardens in other areas of their county.

MiHIA’s fund development activity includes seeking grant funds for establishing new or enhancing current gardens. As such, it is important to identify communities and organizations that are “shovel ready” when funding is identified and available.

To be considered for future garden development within your community, please complete the Community Garden Readiness form and submit it to MiHIA at
Organization Name *
Contact Person *
Phone Number *
Email Address *
County of Proposed Community Garden *
Has a proposed community garden location been determined? If yes, please indicate where. *
Please describe level of buy-in from community partners? With whom will you collaborate? Has the location been selected? Is there sustainable resources for the garden?
In creating a community garden, it is important to identify not only the garden’s location, but also its purpose. Please describe the following:
A brief description of the garden location including the amount of daily sun exposure, access to public transportation, access to a water source, parking availability, approval and liability insurance of landowner
A description of the primary purpose of the garden. Will it be a traditional plot, a children’s learning garden, urban agriculture, exclusive to the organization staff and patrons?
The guidelines or rules established for the garden (can be included as an attachment). Guidelines should address how plots will be assigned, the number of plots to be developed, the volunteer requirements for participation in the garden for pre-season work, planting, the growing season and harvest/closing activities and sharing of tools and equipment
Please describe what necessary tools and resources you will need to develop the garden. Tools and resources include items such as garden tools (shovels, rakes, hoes, wheelbarrows, water hoses), soil, seeds, stakes, sheds, fencing, items for raised beds (if included in plan), and shade seating for gardeners to sit. How will tools and resources be stored following the creation of the garden?
Please provide a statement of commitment from the lead organization for the community garden stating they will maintain and support the garden for a minimum of three additional years after the initial formation.
Please share willingness and ability to provide matching funds and include the amount of funding available for the match.
Please submit your completed application to the MiHIA Program Manager at for consideration
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