September 22nd Cash & Prize Giveaway Entry Form
Enter all guests 18+ that participated in a Virtual OR In-person Beauty Experience from June 15th - Sept. 20th. They get 1 entry just for participating AND following up with you as their consultant. Be sure you spoke with them on the phone:
* Did you have a good time?
* What did you enjoy the most?
* What products would you like to start with today? anything else? anything else? anything else?
* When would you like to book your follow up appointment? Beginning of the week or end of the week?
* What did you think of the MK business opportunity? What did you like the most? Is there any reason why you couldn't help me with my training and listen to a little more information about the business opportunity? It may be for you and it may not be for you, but even if it isn't for you, you may know someone who you can refer to me? When the say "yes" they can help, book them within 24-48 hours.
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Name of Guest that participated in Virtual Beauty Experience (First and Last) - Must be 18+ *
Your Name *
Your Phone Number *
Your Sales Director's Name (Check One) (Choose your name if you are a Sales Director) If you don't see your Sales Directors name please check with them to see if they are participating. *
Number of entries for your Guests. Please check all that apply (this is based on the honor system). Note: In order to get any entries, they must have participated in the virtual or in-person beauty experience and followed up with you on the phone. *
The drawing will be held LIVE on Wednesday, Sept. 22nd at 8pm EST on a Facebook group! The name of the Facebook Group is "Sept 22nd Cash & Prize Giveaway Event." Click the link below so you can add yourself to the group. After you are added, be sure to ask your guests if they would like to be added too. When they say "yes", please sent this link to them, OR you can "invite" them to the group.
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