Ask the instructor any three questions
Ok, course-related only.

Dear 830 Students,

Congratulations on making thus far in this course. You've participated well and had insightful solutions to homework 1. Keep up with the good work!

I'm thinking of recording a short lecture (~30-45mins) answering questions you may have up to now. It's usually a good idea to choose from a diverse set of questions from each of you. I then may compile and choose the questions, prepare and record the lecture. I'll share the link to the video once ready.

Please share with us three course-related questions (technical, conceptual, examples or data analyses etc) that you think are most interesting/useful to be answered.

I look forward to your curiosity and our next half of the class!


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Please rate from scale 1 to 10, 1 being easy to understand, 10 being impossible to understand, your current experience in class and office hours.
What aspects of the course up to now do you found unhelpful and need improving?
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What examples/format of lecture you found most useful, e.g., Shiny demo, whiteboard examples, PPT presentations, paired in-class discussions?
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