Future of Write for Ten
My name is Ian and I'm the creator of Write for Ten. I am writing to request your thoughts and ideas about the future of Write for Ten.
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Do you still use Write for Ten?
How would you rate Write for Ten as a service?
How would you feel if Write for Ten were to end?
Questions about ending the service
In addition to allowing writers to download their writings. Are there other things I should consider to properly end the service?
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Questions about continuing the service in a sustainable way
If Write for Ten had an annual membership fee to help sustain its service, how much do you think it is worth?
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If it’s not worth supporting as a paid service, what would make it worthy of support?
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What do you think of only allowing private-only postings?
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Have you wanted to invite other friends to use Write for Ten? If so, why?
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What is one feature that you would like to see in Write for Ten?
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