Effective Altruism Toronto 1-1 Meetings
EA Toronto is going through some organizational changes. The main one is that Colin is transitioning out of his role as community builder. This means that EATO 1-1s may not be offered for a long time.

If you'd like to indicate your interest in an EATO 1-1 meeting for future reference or use the form as a reflection exercise, then please go for it by filling out the form.

If you'd like to talk to Colin, then he'll be happy to offer attention, reflection, and care based on his new position:
"I'm stepping away from offering any support through the methods and contexts of EA (which I'll communicate as I exit certain spaces/roles/commitments). I'm stepping towards offering support through the methods and contexts of CEDAR (community for the experience and development of awakening and responsibility)."
In other words:
If you've made it to this form and you'd like to work together to explore your curiosity or to take the next small, simple step towards effectively helping all beings be free from suffering, established in true well-being, and expansive in practicing altruism, then feel free to book a meeting with Colin: calendly.com/colinbested

This is a relatively in-depth application form for one-on-one meetings with Colin and connections with other active members in the EATO community. This form is mainly directed towards people with at least a basic understanding of effective altruism (EA), re effectivealtruism.org and related resources, e.g. Doing Good Better, 80,000 Hours.

That said, EVERYONE who finds this form is welcome to fill it out; you are here for valid reasons.
All the questions aside from the first one are optional, so feel free to skip over what doesn't seem useful.

If you are new to EA, you might prefer to sign up to meet with someone who will be happy to answer questions you may have about EA: Intro Coffee. bit.ly/EATOcoffee.

Colin is the grant-funded community builder for Effective Altruism Toronto (EATO), funded by the Centre for Effective Altruism since mid-2018 to support and grow EATO. Based on your responses, he will email you suggestions for who else in the community to meet with, recommendations for EA and non-EA resources to check out, and usually, booking details to set up a purposeful one-on-one meeting.

The meetings take place online. First, we check-in and build coherence and context, getting to know each other a bit. Second, we get into the body of the conversation, threading together a list of questions and points of inquiry to help each other learn, collaborate, and take steps towards doing good. Third, we move towards clarifying next steps, considering plans for follow-up and accountability, and say our goodbyes for the moment.

-Connecting with others in the community whether as a newer or older member
-Finding help for making a decision especially about careers and donations
-Getting more information about EA-related curiosities or comments you have

These meetings are meant to be an accessible tool for anyone interested in the effective altruism community to deepen their knowledge and dedication. We are especially keen to welcome people from groups that are more likely to have felt excluded from the EA community including women, POC, people living with disabilities, people who tend to doubt themselves or their conclusions, introverts or socially anxious people, people studying degrees that aren’t science or economics, people who have religious values, people who have non-utilitarian values, people who identify as empathy-driven, people with varying ability to make changes to their lives.
Email *
What do you want to talk about?
Where are you currently in your career?
e.g. 5 years experience as a qualified accountant considering a career change, 3rd year history student
LinkedIn Link
What options are you considering for the year ahead?
can be career/education/projects/something else, e.g. moving to Toronto to start a charity, starting a master's degree in ontology, building a rationality reading group
What are your key uncertainties?
e.g. choosing between fields of study, unsure about which charity to start, personal fit within a role, overarching career goals
What do you currently think are the most important issues in the world?
We are sometimes able to lend books to be returned or passed on once read. Would you want a copy of any of the following?
In progress
Already Read It
Doing Good Better
80,000 Hours Key Ideas
Deep Work
How to Create a Vegan World
Poor Economics
80,000 Hours Career Guide
The Precipice
Clear selection
Which book would you be most excited about reading next?
Usually, we don't send people books unless they make a direct request to us outside of this form, so another way to read this list is as a set of book recommendations.
Clear selection
Would you want information on any of the following?
Already have information
Already done
Volunteering with a cause, career, or community group
Mentoring others in the same field
Try Giving 1% to effective charities
Taking the Giving What We Can Pledge
80,000 Hours coaching
Clear selection
If you have time, can you come up with between 1-7 things you want to achieve this year
can be career/personal goals, e.g. apply to 5 EA jobs, become 10% more productive, shortlist 3 research/dissertation topics, improve self-care to raise well-being
What one thing would improve the effective altruism community the most?
e.g. a new cause area (cause x), cultural norm, research direction, under-acknowledged mistake; & Is the something we can do to address this?! Let's collaborate!
Is there anything else you want to tell us?
e.g. you are a secret agent, have some constructive thoughts on this form, are interested in a specific EA-aligned project
We're looking forward to supporting your efforts to help others effectively!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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