Lucidity 2019 - Volunteer Application
~ LUCIDITY FESTIVAL 2019 - Moon's Eye View ~

Volunteering is an important part of what makes magical events like Lucidity possible, as well as an important part of participating in the world at large. The temporary city that is Lucidity exists because of the hard work and dedication of volunteers offering their time, resources, knowledge, and skills year round and on site.

No experience necessary! ~ Just a desire to learn new things and to be an active part of your community.

Our showtime volunteers commit to working three six-hour shifts. If you are working pre or post event, the shift times may be longer. All volunteers pay a small non-refundable fee and a refundable deposit at the time of acceptance. Your deposit will be returned to you via the method/card it was purchased within two weeks of the event ending. All showtime volunteers receive one meal per shift and other awesome perks!

**Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. Due to a high volume of emails, please do not inquire about the status of your application prior to March 1st, 2019. For any pressing matters not addressed elsewhere, our Volunteer Coordinators may be reached at THANK YOU!**

We recommend securing your spot with us by purchasing a ticket through our website If you are accepted, you can re-sell or transfer your ticket to another participant. All applicants will receive responses by March 1st, 2019.

Thank you!

Brian Koteen & Summer Ocean
Lucidity Festival 2019 Volunteer Coordinators

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