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VOLUNTEERS WANTED: Do you want to be part of a unique, world-class Summit in the Nordics?

We are very happy that on May 27th and 28th we will be hosting the third SingularityU Nordic Summit, for the first time in Helsinki. Being in a unique position, the Nordics can take the lead and RE:think the future for the world. More than 1,000 Scandinavian leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs will come together for an epic journey through exponential technology and leadership. The only part missing is the awesome volunteers that will help us make this world-class experience unforgettable!

We promise:
- you will be a part of a high-end event whose ambition is to truly make a positive impact and transform people’s lives
- a unique opportunity to build an even stronger personal international network by meeting the leading corporates, coolest startups and world-class experts
- that you will not work more than 5 hours a day and be able to enjoy many keynotes and mingle with the awesome crowd!

Your tasks will include:
During the two Summit days, we will need you to help us with tasks like registration, taking care of our VIPs and speakers, curating one of our side-stages, making sure that AV on the side stages runs smoothly, cleaning up the venue after the Summit etc. We also need help on the day before the big event to make the venue look nothing less than amazing.

Do you want to join?
The survey will not take more than 20 minutes. :)

If you have any questions, please reach out to summit@sunordic.org.

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Is there a day you will not be able to attend? Please note that it is crucial that you are available from May 26th to 29th. We will make sure that you are not working full days :)
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