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The SAA Board of Director’s Resolution to institute an annual membership fee passed unanimously in Oct 2016. The presiding board enacted the resolution Nov 7, 2018 as follows:

Any lease-holding or studio-sharing artist may become a member of SAA by paying the annual membership fee by January 15th in full and on time. Membership is granted to individuals only. Studio-share groups or partnerships may not share a membership. Residency artists are granted a year-long membership with their award. The board of directors may modify or expand qualifications for memberships and/or fees at any time it deems necessary.

Membership Fee revenue will be used to cover the cost of organizational expenses outside of those associated with the Spring Open House, Holiday Open House, First Friday Open Studios and Residency Program. Organizational expenses include, but are not limited to the new website design and ongoing updates, social media and advertising, and administrative expenses. Membership Fee is $100 (8.33 mo) paid in-full annually (not monthly), on or before January 15th.


Members only artist website profiles included on the new, fully-integrated SAA site that allows artists to upload 100 images, post their workshops and events, receive forwarded contact inquiries, and more. The website will launch January, 2019. New member's meeting will be held in January as well.

Members only event registration fee at half the non-member price to participate in the Spring Open House, Holiday Open House, First Friday Open Studios and other SAA events with registration fees. Non-member artists may register and participate at full price. Non-members who do not register and open their studios during SAA events will pay the non-member registration fee with a late fee up-charge.

Members only listing in SAA published event directories and catalogues. Registered non-members pay market-rate advertising cost for inclusion in publications.

Members only media and promotional opportunities to be featured for event advertising, promo, and social media campaigns.

Members only custom studio signs that are included in the inaugural membership fee. Artists applying for membership after January 15, 2019 will pay market cost plus design and administrative fee for signs. Residency awards do not cover the cost of personalized signs, but provides one “Residency Artist’s” sign at corner. Residency artists may purchase a personalized sign if they choose. Stutzies may not be applied to the cost of signs.

Members only invitations to participate in SAA off-site events including, Penrod Art Fair, Sak’s Fifth Avenue Exhibits, and Raymond James Art-on-Loan Program.

Members only Stutzies, SAA volunteering points, that may be credited toward the cost of Registration Fees. Members must serve on a committee to earn Stutzies, with detailed documentation of volunteer hours submitted by deadlines.

We are thrilled to take the SAA to a higher level for you and the Indianapolis arts community at large!

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