Worship Survey
During the month of March, the Worship Committee is seeking input from our members and friends about worship attendance. Average worship attendance in Christian churches of all denominations is in decline. Over the past five years, Raleigh Moravian’s average Sunday morning worship attendance has decreased by ~18% (178 worship avg. in 2014 to 146 worship avg. in 2018).

With this trend before us, the Worship Committee wants input from members and friends about their worship experience at Raleigh Moravian. Specifically, the Committee wants to hear your answer(s) to the following questions:

1. What encourages you to attend worship on a regular basis?
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2. What suggestions do you have that might encourage others to attend more regularly?
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3. Other comments?
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This survey is anonymous and not tracked. If you would like us to contact you, please leave your name or email address below.
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