Five opportunities to Engage with the UIF Community
RESPOND BY: Sunday, August 20

We have five ways for you to engage with the UIF community and inspire the incoming cohort of UIFs! By completing this form, you are sharing your interest in one or more of these opportunities, each with different time and date requirements.

Following is a summary of each opportunity:

Opportunity 1: Training Mentors: you are assigned 2 campuses to guide through online training
Opportunity 2: Inspiration Week: new candidates interview you for the cool stuff you are doing
Opportunity 3: Learning Catalyst: help Leticia guide candidates in their intro to design thinking
Opportunity 4: Interview New Applicants: screen incoming applicants for their potential as UIFs
Opportunity 5: WHYBUT? Aka ‘What Have You Been Up To?’ is a key factor in selecting FABs

What do we look for when we select FABs or Fellows who speak at conferences alongside us?
We look at Fellows who consistently volunteer as interviewers or helpers in training (1, 3, 4). We look for Fellows who have interesting stories of impact (2, 5). And, we make selections that represent a range of activities, stories and institutions. Please read each section in detail and thanks, in advance, for volunteering for as many opportunities as you can. If you have any questions, please contact Katie at, or 413-274-7077.

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