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Language Exchange Tandem for International Students LSH-TEM/TSP 2016 - 2017 S1
Please fill in this questionnaire if you would like to take part in the TEM/TSP language exchange tandem program to improve your French before 2016/10/07.
You should be willing to invest at least 1 hour per week to this activity.
Students will be placed with a partner according to availibility.
You will be contacted by email once you have been placed with a suitable exchange partner.
Please reply before the 19th of February.
What is your surname?
What is your first name?
Which school are you attending?
What year are you in?
What is your preferred email address?
What is your nationality?
What is your mother-tongue?
What languages can you speak, and how well?
Elementary (A2)
Intermediate (B1)
Upper-Intermediate (B2)
Advanced (C1)
Bilingual (C2)
What day do you have French class?
Who is your French teacher
Have you had a past experience of a language-exchange? Please state in which language and the circumstances.
What are your main reasons for taking part in this language exchange?
How much time are you willing to spend per week learning with your language partner?
Can you briefly describe some of your main interests/ hobbies/ tastes?
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