Juventutem Michigan - Survey of Interest
Juventutem Michigan is a group of Catholic young adults (18-35) - single, married, raising families - who pursue holiness by attending the Traditional Latin Mass and by tapping into other timeless traditions of the Faith.
Please use this survey to express your interest in Juventutem Michigan and to indicate whether you are willing to help the Board of Juventutem Michigan to organize liturgies and other young adult activities in Michigan and around the world. The only question that you are required to answer is "Email" - if you'd prefer to remain anonymous, please fill it in with "a@a.com"
This survey is intended to be extensive - if it tires you out, please scroll to the bottom and click "Submit"
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Will you attend future Juventutem Michigan liturgies and other events in the State of Michigan?
Would you like to become a member of Juventutem Michigan?
that is, undertake the commitments - see: http://juventutemmichigan.com/the-commitments-of-juventutem/ - and become enrolled in our membership
Are you interested in singing with the Juventutem Michigan schola
(our inaugural solemn vespers will be on June 23rd)
Would you like to travel with the International Juventutem Federation to the July 2013 World Youth Day festivities in Brazil?
If yes, what languages are you able to speak and write in?
Would you like to attend the Marie-Reine Pilgrimage (Montreal area, Th-Tu of Labor Day Weekend) with Juventutem Michigan?
Walking 62 miles - Saturday to Monday morning
I can help Juventutem Michigan by:
If you can help by bringing food, please check the boxes next to the TWO items that you would most like to bring
Just 2 - thanks!
How often do you attend the Traditional Latin Mass?
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Do you have any further questions about Juventutem or the Traditional Latin Mass?
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