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Have you ever thought of how much fun would be a festival where the program would be designed by you and all the other participants?

Well, here it is - HELSINKI DECOMPRESSION. A collaborative playground for all adults and kids. A place to express yourselves and allow others to express. A space to gather. A moment to get lost in.

Based on the values of communal effort and self-expression, this is an official Burning Man regional event in Finland.

We also want to break the barriers between artists and visitors. You don't come here to be entertained, but to entertain. In the spirit of equality, the same goes for the tickets and we require everyone to buy a ticket with the price of 35/40 euros, no matter what kind of program you bring in or how many hours you put in in organising.

As part of Burning Man principles, the profits will not be paid as salary for the production team, but rather allocated as grants for some of projects to give financial support.

Art grants are a financial support that each creation can apply for. This might cover some of the expenses, but be prepared to handle your own budget. Not all creations will be granted financial support. We pay no financial support beforehand. We pay possible support against receipts only.

In order to make our collaboration gapless, we will invite you to join our Slack ( There you can introduce yourself find answers to all of your questions and ask for help in organising your project!

Registration closes 1.12.2018 at 19:00. You can still register a program after the deadline but your program is not eligible for art grants.
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