This course explores the historical and theological aspects of the Bible and the Catholic faith. It will walk participants through the central characters, events and theological issues with its accompanying relevance in shaping the worldview of modern-day Christians. Additionally, the different biblical criticisms and „attacks“ on the Catholic faith will be analyzed and interpreted. At the end of the course, participants will be grounded in Bible knowledge and catholic teachings. By this, they will be able to impact same (knowledge) on others either through teaching or a reflection in their lifestyle.
The general objective of the school is to demonstrate a critical and reflective understanding of the Bible in general and the Catholic doctrine in particular. Specifically, the school will;
• Gain deeper insights on the formation, content and themes of the Bible and the Catholic doctrines
• Explore the history of the bible and the church
• Explain the biblical texts with its implications
• Identify the approach to biblical exigesis
• Explain canonical practice
• Explore the relevance and meaning associated with practices in the Catholic Church
• Demonstrate ability to analyze and interpret Bible texts/passages
• Display critical thinking skills in biblical and doctrinal contexts
Mode of delivery
1. It will be predominantly tutor-led face-to-face sessions
2. Language of instruction will be English and Twi
3. There will be sub-groups (where necessary) with facilitators for maximum interaction and also enhance fluency
4. Question or clarification avenues will also be given to clear doubts and misconceptions about the lecture, Bible, doctrine and or material used for teaching.
1. Any individual aged 13 and above

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