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It should be noted that taking on a rescue Pug is a huge commitment, both emotionally and financially. Many of our Pugs will require special care and attention. Please consider this carefully before applying to adopt or foster.

To assist MuffinPug in the re-homing/ fostering of Pugs, please complete this form in full including the ‘About Yourself’ section which will enable us to determine your suitability for a rescue Pug. It should be noted that all Pugs are re-homed to the most appropriate home to suit the Pug.

Applicants must be aged 21 and over. If you are selected to adopt a Pug you will NOT be required to take him or her at very short notice and without having seen the Pug. We need to know that each of our Pugs has a forever home and forever is a long time.

A donation will be required for adoption as we do need funds to allow us to continue to rescue Pugs and to help pay for vet fees and transportation costs.

Please note that submitting an adoption form does not guarantee that you will receive a Pug. All adoptions are subject to suitability checks to ensure the Pug is going to the best possible home for the needs of the individual Pug.
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Please make your £15 donation by visiting our donation page. If you are a UK tax payer, please don't forget to accept Gift Aid. Once the donation is completed, please type your name below to allow us to locate the donation: *
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