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Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful Summer Break. Classes will begin 3rd week of September

Here is the 2019 - Film Music Dance Classes Registration - https://forms.gle/HaMq3bn1ctCegrhU9 - New students must fill out the full details.

**Returning students, must re-fill out any additional information details

Due to high volume of student enrollment as a single teacher, I will only accept students through assessment test for Sunday Classes ( Returning Students don't need to take this test )

Students who have dropped out during the program and/or did not perform at the recital show last year - https://forms.gle/HaMq3bn1ctCegrhU9 - MUST FILL OUT THE FORM AGAIN

DEADLINE REGISTRATION - Friday, September 20th, 2019

There will also be roster re-arrangement based on age and skill level.

- a minimum of 8 enrolled students in order to conduct studio seasonal classes ( max 12 )
- 3 unexcused absence , student will be dropped from the session ( NO Refund )

Junior Elite Company & Competition Team - Students who excel and perform at a high level will be automatically be selected in this company. They will get to perform at corporate and large scale events. It's a non-profit and student run group. Students that want to join the company / competition team must go through an Audition Process. This is for ages 12 and up...

Student Showcase ( Solo, Duet, Trio ) Date & Venue: TBA - This is an opportunity for Middle / High School students to showcase their own choreography and share it with the class. Students will also have an opportunity to showcase and perform a Solo, Duet, or Trio in three categories: Film, Stage, or Music. Students can come up with their own choreography and film-making, and/or can hire one of Bollywood Mixtape instructors or dancers for guidance & assistant . Based on number of applications/audition; only a few will be selected to perform/showcase at Bollywood Mixtape. These are just brief details, more will be provided in the coming weeks.

If a student does not get accepted into the program, I will forward you to one of my associate dance teachers and schools

MARCH ~ MAY - Film Production
MARCH ~ JUNE - Competition Season
JUNE 13th~19th - MANDATORY Dress Rehearsals

Saturday, June 20, 2020 - Bollywood Mixtape Vol. 4 - San Diego Performing Arts Center -


Email address *
Bollywood Mixtape Vol. 4 - June 20, 2020
Film, Music, Dance - Creating Fun Projects through Art!!
Thank you for your interest in Jonathan Bosco's Film Music Dance Program. Confirmation email will be sent out for accepted Enrollment. Space is limited. Location of Dance Session & Dates will be sent out along with the Confirmation Email. Filling out the form does not mean you're confirmed for the class.

Students that want to be in the Advance Level or Intermediate Emerging Group Level, will have to take an assessment dance class test and/or auditions

Classes will begin 3rd Week of September 2019 thru June 18, 2020 ( 8 Months )

Recital will be in June 20, 2020 - San Diego Performing Arts Center

Single Student - $350.00

Sibling Discount:
Two Students - $595.00
Three Students - $840.00

Group Workshop ( Intermediate/Advance ) - $15/hr per student
Private Class - $60/hr

** Non-Refundable **

Check Made Out to: "Jonathan Bosco"
Venmo - www.venmo.com/bollywoodmixtape

Costume Fee: Will be range from $60.00 to $150.00

Class Schedule - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u2gkuq6I8ADYADvsGhsggnaQp_otOB4WO23cZ2qpiUg/edit?usp=sharing

I understand that all fees paid are nonrefundable and nontransferable. The parent or guardian is responsible for notifying, in writing, Jonathan Bosco of any change to the credit card or checking account. The returned check/declined card fee is $35. Should this provision have to be enforced by legal means, the undersigned person(s) is responsible for payment, as liquidated damages, the costs of collection, plus interest at the legal rate and reasonable attorney’s fees as determined by the Court or 15% of the amount collected failing such determination.

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