Last Nights of the King - Post Show Review
In an effort to maximize Katie’s ministry and artistic potential, we are asking you to take just a few minutes and share your impressions of Katie’s work as she shared with your church/organization.  We hope to expand Katie’s territory to the next level, but we need your help!  Please take just a few minutes to respond to each question.
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How would you describe your experience working with Katie? Did she meet your expectations?
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What three words would you use to describe Last Nights of the King?
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How did your your congregation/group/organization benefit from booking Last Nights of the King?
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If you think other churches should see Last Nights of the King, please tell them why below! Be sure to include your title/occupation and name of home church.
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Who do you think should see Last Nights of the King? Please list below names and contact information for individuals in these churches whom you think Katie should connect with.
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Any other suggestions or feedback? Please share below.
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Thank you so much for you time! Your feedback is invaluable!
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