MESA Scholarship Application
ONCE you submit this form, it will be recorded no editing afterwards, it is recommended that you write out your "Short Answer" responses on a separate word document, to check spelling, then copy and paste into this application form.

You also have the option to turn in a paper application instead of this online application. You may receive and turn in your paper application from and to your MESA Teacher.

*Make sure you email your most recent transcript to Martha at

Seniors: Seattle MESA Scholarship and Washington MESA Scholarship
This year Seattle MESA and Washington MESA will award outstanding graduating high school seniors who have participated in MESA programs. These scholarships are made possible with support from donors--we thank them for their generosity and support of our students.
Scholarship recipients will be expected to provide a high school transcript (please email to and a copy of their award letter from their college/university before funds will be released. Additionally, students must enroll in their college/university prior to January 2021 to be eligible to receive the scholarship funds.
*Past and/or Current Involvement with MESA
*Graduating High School Seniors
*At least a 3.0 GPA and above
*Pursuing a STEM degree in a 2 or 4 year institution of higher learning
*At least 4 combined years of math and science during high school
*Recommendation from a MESA Teacher or Staff
*Most recent HS Transcript
By filling out this form, you are submitting your application for both the Seattle and Washington MESA Scholarships. (Different committees review the applications, if you win a Washington MESA Scholarship, you'll be contacted by that office. Martha will be notifying all applicants on their status on the Seattle MESA Scholarship by May 2020). It is possible to win both scholarships.

The deadline to apply is May 3rd (Sunday) 1159 pm.
Any questions, contact Martha

How to fill out application:
1. On a google docs/word processor answer these questions (these will come in towards the end of the form), make sure they are edited well (save these for future reference)
a) Describe your scholastic background, jobs, clubs, leadership opportunities, achievements, honors & awards. (Make a list with name of position/award and date of opportunity.)
b) Please describe the MESA activity or program which is most meaningful to you and why. (250 words)
c) Please discuss your background, college plans, and goals in life. The essay should also include academic and technical accomplishments, community and program involvement.
2. Gather your reference's information: name and contact information.
3. Fill out the form below, asking for personal contact and academic information.
4. Email your transcript to Martha at
5. Remind your references that they will get a link, to be filled out.
6. Wait until the end of May for notifications.
7. Keep applying to other scholarships!
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