Opportunity Washington Survey on Road-usage Fee
1. Please rate the quality and performance of the state transportation system in the following areas.
Very Good
Very Bad
Quality of highways, roads and bridges
Congestion Relief
Efficiency of construction
Wise use of taxpayer dollars
2. Do you believe the state gas tax of 49.4 cents-per-gallon is adequate to fund the state's necessary construction and maintenance programs?
3. Are you familiar with the idea of a road-usage fee?
4. Do you favor or oppose road-usage fees?
5. Do you consider a road-usage fee more or less fair than the state gas tax?
Much more fair
More Fair
About the same
Less fair
Much less fair
Road-usage fee vs. state gas tax
6. How much per mile would you be willing to pay if a road-usage fee replaced the state gas tax?
7. What is your gender?
8. Which category describes your age?
9. In what region of the state do you live?
10. How would you describe where you live?
11. What is your email address? *
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