:B:Le Chiffre IC
This is a IC for the BLe Chiffre keyboard by tominabox1

The keyboard is a unified split, 10u ergo board, featuring bluetooth, OLED, and Choc spacing. The board does not and will not support MX (that's the other Le Chiffre!)

The board is designed to run off of a 40mAh Lithium Ion 2032 coin cell. They are about $12 for 4 of them. (not included in GB price). The coin cell should be good for 2 or 3 weeks between charges (without OLED). The board also has a power switch which can greatly extend the usable life of the battery.

The board is meant to be used caseless as shown in the pictures. Final board color is not determined yet.

The board will come shipped with ZMK (https://zmkfirmware.dev). ZMK is in active development and should not be considered "production" firmware. Many features are coming very soon (i.e. combos, macros, tap dance) but are not part of the main code yet. Just keep this in mind! The ZMK development team is very active and working hard to bring these features to small boards, many of them need them

I'm tominabox1#7884 on discord if you have any questions!
BLe Chiffre Prototype
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