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Merci de remplir un formulaire pour chacun de vos enfants ! Thanks to fill one form per child!

La plupart des informations devraient se pré-remplir ou se dupliquer pour le 2ème, ou 3ème enfant, etc... en fonction des cookies sur votre ordinateur ! Nous précisons que ces informations resteront strictement confidentielles.

All these information will remain strictly confidential.

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Golden rules
We aim to provide a safe and ethical environment that supports social-emotional learning and empathy development. To achieve it, we partner with you and your children towards the following commitments:

- Respect the adults : Each child commits to respecting all adults present at the camp and to following their instructions at all times (during class, play, meals and extended care).

- Respect their peers : Each child commits to using appropriate language with his/her peers, to respecting each other's differences and to refraining from teasing others. In addition, each child commits to behaving kindly towards his/her peers (no bullying or violence).

- Respect health and safety rules : Each child commits to washing his/her hands consistently when necessary, after using the bathroom as well as before and after meals. Each child commits to dressing appropriately for each day's activities. Each child commits to following instructions in case of an emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.) Each child commits to remaining on the camp's premises. In addition, he/she commits to not leaving his/her group without permission (must ask an adult for permission to go to the bathroom).

- Respect material : Each child commits to respecting the premises, facilities, and equipment, during camp. He/she commits to cleaning up after each activity. Depending on the severity of the misconduct, escalating disciplinary measures will be implemented to support the child in his/her social emotional and moral learning.

We rely on you to help us to achieve this goal.

As a last resort, if campers’ wellness is at stake, the Camp Director could consider suspension or expulsion from an activity or from camp.


PS: Late arrivals / Absences
Thank you for letting us know of absences or significantly late drop offs by phone before 9AM. A late fee of $1.00/minute will be charged for children picked up after 3PM or 5PM if enrolled in extended care.

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