Membership Renewal & Mas Payment Form 2020
Welcome to the HDNA mas payment form! Use this form to pay mas and renew your membership for the 2020-2021 year.

In the spirit of collective responsibility, HDNA is member-driven and member-funded. We live out our values when everyone gives what they can, by opting in to pay mas!

Though we understand that many people are under financial strain, we think it is still important to provide an opportunity to pay mas for two reasons. One is that we desperately need to collect funds in order to stay open, even with cost cutting measures in place. The second reason is that mas collection is an essential part of upholding our constitution*, which is a responsibility of the Mazkirut Artzit.

Mas is $85 USD. We are committed to working with anyone without the resources to pay mas to create ways for them to participate. Please notify us if you need assistance in paying mas!

You can send this link to friends who need to pay mas:

*According to the HDNA Constitution, which also serves as our office’s by-laws:

"A membership mas for Ma’apilim shall be fixed by the Mazkirut Artzit and collected annually. Mas shall be automatically deducted each year from the salaries of Ma’apilim who work at machaneh. For ma’apilimot who do not work at machaneh, mas shall be included in the payment of the first national program attended that year.”

Movement membership in good standing is defined in our constitution as:

"Ma’apilimot: A member in good-standing of the Ma’apilimot shall pay the prevailing Mas and
assume positions and tasks of responsibility and leadership in an eizor, Sichat Nefesh, their kvutzah, movement va’adot, or machaneh of Habonim Dror as messima, or be an active participant in any work that aligns with Habonim Dror North America’s pillars. Ma’apilimot should take an active role in movement messima as stated before with understanding that people’s individual situations yield different abilities. Ma’apilimot recognize, accept, and adhere to the principles of Habonim Dror."
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If so, we will send you a link to pay online. If not, we will provide information for you to pay over the phone.
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