DB / The ABC of life – A
26 letters. 26 opportunities to think and learn. Share your ABC on life, running, the outdoors.
Thanks for taking the time to help build the series. This way to the initial entry form (A-Z), if you want to add your thoughts: http://bit.ly/DB_ABC

This week we're taking a closer look at the letter *A*.
We have picked two of the most popular words, if you have something to share on those: your ideas, what those words mean to you, how we can change perception, how we can inspire, a poem, how you can do more of this in your day to day life (practical), and and and – please share below. You can share with your name or stay anonymously for publication.

We'll put this into a written community piece which will sit on our blog and social. To share our community values, give you a voice and hopefully inspire others to live (running) life well.

Thanks as ever for being part of it!

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What does adventure mean to you? How can you bring more adventure into your life? Have you packed up your belongings and have gone on an adventure for some time? What did you learn? What do you think holds us back living a little bolder? Where would you love to go next? Big or small adventure, how does adventuring make you feel?
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What doe attitude mean to you when living life or running? How do you approach a big goal / race? How do you deal with difficult challenges? Is it a mindset or a behaviour? Both? Is your glass half full or half empty? How do you do positive thinking? How do you come unstuck? Attitude over ability? How have races / big challenges changed your way of thinking?
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Other suggestions for the letter A
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