Alan & Ariana: We Are Owed. Tour (Booking Inquiry)
Poets and teaching artists, Ariana Brown and Alan Pelaez Lopez, join forces in the We Are Owed. Tour, offering dual performances with live dialogues, individual artist talks, and writing workshops for colleges from Aug to Dec 2021.

Combining Brown's 10-year-long spoken word and teaching career and Pelaez Lopez's 10 years of organizing with Black and queer migrants, this tour creates an interactive experience that addresses the joyful and traumatic conditions of the Black child in the U.S.; imagines Black queer futures outside of state-sanctioned violence; and offers concrete tools to help individuals and their communities rethink how we offer and accept care from one another.

This tour echoes Brown’s sentiment that “I have never needed heaven, just Black people,” and Pelaez Lopez’s notion that “we create abundance where we thought there was none.” Currently booking for Aug to Dec 2021.
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