Fall 2020 Parent Survey
School districts have been required to prepare plans that address three possible scenarios:

1. In Person Learning with Precautions: A full return of students in all schools.
2. "Hybrid" Learning: Not all Students in School Everyday. A partial return of students in some schools with a hybrid approach of distance learning and in person learning.
3. Distance Learning: All Students off Campus. No immediate return of any students and a continuation of distance learning.

There are different restrictions for each of the scenarios, but this is the "draft" of the Central Schools plan for each scenario (numbers correlate to description above):

1. All students will be on-site and will be socially distanced, when feasible, while at school. In town/rural bus routes will be established and the walking zone will be increased to reduce students on the bus. Signage, cleaning, and other protocols in place at each site.

2. Each of the following plans is based on class size and the square footage of our rooms.

In the "hybrid" scenario, elementary students K-5 will attend school, in person, each day. Central Schools will need as many parents to drive students to school as possible because we are mandated to have limited capacity on the bus. If we do not get adequate numbers of students off the bus, we would be forced to move to an alternating day schedule. Elementary is able to be in person each day because we have the lowest class size in the 7 county metro and our rooms are large enough to provide the required social distancing.

In the "hybrid" scenario, middle and high school students will work on an A/B schedule and every other Friday. On the day that students are home, the expectation is for them to "attend class" as if they were there. Teachers will be live streaming all instruction and recording it for reteaching. A MS/HS student school day is exactly the same as if it was face-to-face. Central Schools has purchased webcams and devices to ensure quality delivery of instruction. If a family is facing hardship in terms of internet service, the school district will work with them and a service provider to ensure connectivity. In this scenario, Central Schools needs as many parents to transport their children to school as possible.

3. "Distance Learning" no students attending in person at Central Schools. Instruction will be delivered live and in person by the classroom teacher. There will be expectations for daily attendance. This will be much "tighter" than is was last spring when we were in emergency distance learning. If a family is facing hardship in terms of internet service, the school district will work with them and a service provider to ensure connectivity.
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I am not comfortable sending my child to school under any in person plan and would like a principal to contact me about full-time distance learning with Central Schools where my child could attend class virtually as if they were in school. Provide first name and phone number in the box below, otherwise skip.
Central Public Schools has developed a draft plan for the elementary "hybrid" option that we believe is the best for students while adhering to state safety guidelines. Our class size and room size would allow us to meet in person, K-5, each day. However the additional transportation costs associated with state health requirements make the cost to implement this fiscally unsustainable. In order to meet in person K-5 each day, we need approximately 25% of our families who currently ride the bus to transport their child to school each day. Please visit with your neighbors to consider carpooling. Plan B for elementary in the "hybrid" is the same as 6-12 graders. Every-other-day and alternating Fridays.
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I would be interested in a 1.5 hour job (11:00-12:30) supervising students in lunch or recess, mainly at the elementary school.
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