CfB Volunteers for Ward Committees (ನಮ್ಮ ಸಮಿತಿ ನಮಗಾಗಿ)

A long standing demand of CfB is to empower ward committees by holding regular monthly meetings that are open to all and held at BBMP ward offices on first Saturday of every month is coming true starting December 1st 2018.

CfB is trying to make these meetings meaningful and well attended. Citizen participation is key to resolve local civic issues and unless we participate in the right forums, we will not be able to change the system.

We would like to know which of the 198 wards held the ward committee meetings, how did the proceedings happen, who all attended, and a summary of discussion. This will help us better understand ground level implementation of the new monthly ward committee meetings.

Please take couple of minutes to fill this form and encourage your friends that might be interested in ward committees to do so as well. . We would like to seek your help in making the local residents and especially active citizens aware of ward committee meetings, reaching out to your ward committee members and participating and reporting on the actual meetings.

We held a public round table event to discuss , create awareness about functions of ward committees , encourage citizen partnership in these meetings and prepare the city for the first monthly meeting starting on Dec 1st. Both Mayor and Commissioner attended this meeting, 5 corporators and many ward committee members also joined nearly 300 people.

Background: Our city government, BBMP has 198 wards. As per the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, each ward has a ward committee of ten members (including 3 women, 2 SC/ST, 2 from local associations) . Each of the 10 members must be a local resident and must be in the voter list of that particular ward. The purpose of the ward committee is to enable citizens to participate in local governance in a more formal way, assisting the corporator in bringing the government programs to the people and acting as a bridge between residents and the corporation, help with planning and monitoring and coordinating between agencies. Ward committee meetings are open for general public.

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