Youth Covenant 2018-2019
Christian Community Expectations:
1. Treat others as they would like to be treated, with respect and displaying concern for others.
2. Arrive on time and stay for the entire event. Be on time to any activities during an event and abide by curfews and quiet times. Remain with the group or in designated areas.
3. My behavior reflects on myself and the group. I understand that behavior disruptive or harmful to the community or property will not be tolerated.
4. Not show disrespect to fellow participants, adult volunteers, St. Paul’s parishioners, or people with whom I come into contact during a youth event.
5. Show respect for the property of others as well as facilities of St. Paul’s and other host locations.

Non-Negotiable Rules:
1. Using, possessing, or under the influence of alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs not prescribed to you during any youth event.
2. Inappropriate sexual behavior.
3. Possession of any firearms, knives, fireworks, other explosives or any other kinds of weapons.
4. Leaving the designated areas or grounds without permission.

Device Expectations:
1. Use phones, computers, and tablets and social media according to the adults and youth leader’s instructions.
2. Understand that being fully present to fellow youth during programs and events is critical to building our community.
3. During most activities and events devices will need to be put away.

I understand that this is a Community Covenant and a violation of this is a violation of the community. I also understand that violation of any of these expectations will result in the contact of my parents or guardians and a trip home at my family’s expense, if necessary.

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