Final Verification Aluchain Airdrops Participants
Aluchain is a new breakthrough in the digital era.Aluchain combines Blockhain technology with various sectors in real life : manufacturing, contracting, trading, payment systems and others.

To increase Aluchain value as a utility token, Aluchain has partnered with broker companies, film making companies, ship building companies. In the future,when the funds has collected from presale and main sale,the funds will using for pay for external market entry costs, developing the Aluchain project,investing in many sectors in real life, and the profits will be use for buyback on external markets,so the value of Aluchain will continue to increase.
For reach all the goals of Aluchain project ,and protect investor funds,Aluchain Team will continue to establish cooperative relationships with existing companies.

For all Aluchain airdrops pasrticipants,you must sign-up,complate KYC and join all Aluchain social media.







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Important !! You have to join Aluchain Socials media until finish distribution.
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Aluchain Team

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