Teacher Library Survey
Answer the questions about the library program and staff.
The librarian regularly communicates with the staff about programming and resources using a variety of methods.
Resources for the library are carefully chosen to reflect curriculum and student needs, and the resources are of high quality.
The resources in the library are easy to locate, readily accessible, well maintained, and up-to-date.
The library is adequately available for my use, whole class use, and individual or small group student use.
The librarian helps me meet my instructional objectives.
Please list the best characteristic(s) of your school’s library media program:
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Please list the way(s) the library media program could be improved to better serve you and your students.
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How often have you brought a class to the library media center?
Please list any nonfiction titles you would like to see added to the collection:
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Please list any fiction titles you would like to see added to the collection:
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 When I visit the library media center, I feel welcomed and comfortable
The library media specialist aids me in finding materials for class projects
The library media specialist promotes reading literacy school wide.
The rules of the library reflect fairness for both faculty and students.
The library media specialist avails me the opportunity to collaborate on lesson.
What titles do you suggest we add to our Professional Collection?
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If you do not use the library media center, please comment on why: *
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Our library program could be improved by:
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