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Job descriptions:

1. Attendance Monitor - Will keep accurate attendance records for the teacher, which may include on paper and/or on Class Dojo. Also, the Attendance Monitor will write the names of anyone who is absent that day on the marker board under the correct class creature/color.

Qualifications: must be neat, organized, on time to class, and rarely absent.

2. Class Starter - Will be first in the classroom whenever possible, grab the microphone from the sound system, call "Give me Five" when the bell rings and students seem to be settling in, and read the "What should I be doing?" directions or questions from the board as our Do Now.

Qualifications: must be outgoing, on time to class, and willing to speak in front of a group.

**If the Attendance Monitor or the Class Starter is absent, the person who went before them takes over again that day. Also, please train the person that comes after you the first day they take the job.

***The job will last one to two weeks, maybe more, depending.

****Class helpers will earn a Mustang Money salary and earn the right to use the bungee chairs (or bounce chairs, or camping chairs, or stools, or any furniture except Mr. Bigica's broken down rolling chair, that's his only real possession) for the duration of their job.

Signing up for these jobs does NOT guarantee you the position. Mr. Bigica may decide to interview you. Mr. Bigica can fire you at any time if you are not fully or properly carrying out your responsibilities once hired.

Thanks for volunteering! In all seriousness, you help make a difference in our class!
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