Edmonton Quidditch Membership Contract 2019-20
Thank you for your interest in membership with the Edmonton Quidditch! Edmonton Aurors are a non-profit sport organization based in Edmonton, Alberta. The University of Alberta Quidditch Club (UAQC) is a university-affiliated sports club, aimed at providing an avenue for playing quidditch to students of UofA, as well as growing participation in the sport. This document outlines the terms of membership – both the privileges that a membership fee affords, as well as our expectations of members. The signing of this document, signing of our waiver, and payment of membership fees are required for membership. Please note that a second page of this contract collects personal information for logistical and safety purposes.
Membership Season and Fees
The Edmonton Aurors season extends until August 31st. Fees cover membership from the date they are paid until the end of the season. The normal member fee is $25, but a reduced rate of $15 is available for new members joining between May 1st and August 31st.

The UAQC season runs September 1 to April 30. Fees cover membership from the date paid until the end of the season. UAQC membership costs $10, plus $5 for Club Sports membership.

New players are expected to pay their membership fee after their third practice with Edmonton Quidditch to become part of their respective club, unless discussed otherwise. To learn how to pay your fee speak to a member of the Edmonton Aurors' or UAQC's executive committees (Claire Merkosky, Soleil Heaney, Jenna Whitby, Kristin Hodge, Pearse McKinney, or Cayley Mendoza).
Membership Fee Privileges
The following are the privileges that payment of a membership fee affords:

• The ability to continue to attend Edmonton Aurors and UAQC practices, including access to the indoor practices we hold during the winter;
• The ability to play with the Edmonton Aurors or UAQC at tournaments;
• Use of equipment owned by the Edmonton Aurors or UAQC;
• Access to the private Edmonton Quidditch organizational groups (Facebook, team locker room);
• Free access to all clinics (e.g. referee, coaching) that the Edmonton Aurors or UAQC hosts;
• Voting privileges for your club at elections and meetings;
• The ability to run for an executive position within your club;
• Access to meeting minutes, as well as updates on club activities and financial information through tri-annual updates.
Member Responsibilities and Expectations
The following are responsibilities and expectations that all members are expected to abide by:

• Volunteering in some capacity at all tournaments with the Edmonton Aurors or UAQC (e.g. refereeing, set-up, teardown, scorekeeping, selling merchandise);
• Knowing the rules of the game. Participation in the Edmonton Quidditch referee development initiatives is encouraged;
• Respecting all players both within and outside of quidditch events;
• Demonstrating good sporting behaviour;
• Reflecting the core values of the club. The Edmonton Aurors and UAQC strive to create a safe space that is welcoming, inclusive, and engaging. We value sport for life, are pro-LGBTQ+ and gender inclusivity, and do not make political comments or endorsements.
Membership with the Edmonton Aurors Quidditch Club entails both privileges and responsibilities, as outlined above. Inappropriate behaviour or a failure to abide by the membership responsibilities and expectations may be grounds for termination of membership or barring from practices based on a 2/3 majority executive vote. Payment of the membership fee, as outlined above, is also required for membership.
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