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Independent Arts is an Isle of Wight charity who use the arts to improve health and wellbeing and reduce social isolation. We are currently looking at how people engage with the arts and what people would want from a creative space in Newport. The consultation is supported by a partnership between the Co-op Foundation and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
If you could take a few minutes to complete this survey, it would be most helpful.
Do you feel there are enough affordable arty things to do in the Newport area?
When is the last time you took part in an arty activity? e.g. Singing, painting, dance, card craft, sewing, cinema, theatre etc.
If you do take part, which activities do you enjoy doing?
Your answer
Would you be interested in taking part in arty activities in a community setting?
How often do you feel lonely?
What facilities would you like to see in a communal creative space? (Please tick all that apply)
What benefits would you like to get from a community arts space?
Getting out of the house
Meeting people
Feeling better
Learning from artists
Creating a piece of art
Having my work exhibited
Selling my artwork/prints
Buying artwork/ prints from other artists
Other benefits (please specify)
Your answer
What kind of activities would you be interested in taking part in? (Please tick all that apply)
Which arty activities would you be interested in trying? (Please tick all those that apply)
When would you be interested in going to a community arts space?
Where do you live? Please provide your postcode
Your answer
How old are you?
Which gender do you identify with most ?
Which ethnic group would you describe yourself as?
Do you live with a long-term health condition or disability?
Please select the answer that best describes your living situation
If you live with children please state number and ages of your children
Your answer
How would you describe your employment status
Do you have any further comments or suggestions for us?
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Independent Arts
Suite 3, 30 Quay Street, Newport, IOW PO30 5BA
Charity No: 297474 Company Limited by guarantee No: 2147908
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