UEL's Big Ride Survey
This survey is part of a University of East London project looking at cycling advocacy and activism in London. You don't have to give us any personal data and if you do give us your email address, it'll only be used for the purpose stated (contact to participate in further research, or to send you a final project report). Please contact Rachel at R.E.Aldred@uel.ac.uk if you have any questions.
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About the Big Ride
1. What motivated you to join the Big Ride?
2. How did you first hear about the Big Ride?
3. Do you think you'll get involved in similar events in the future?
Definitely not
Yes, definitely
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4. How often do you ride a bike
5. How long have you cycled in London?
6. On a scale of 0-5, how safe do you feel cycling in London?
Not at all safe
Extremely safe
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7. How would you describe yourself as a cyclist?
Cycling advocacy and activism
8. Are you a member of the London Cycling Campaign?
9. What is your opinion of LCC's 'Go Dutch' campaign?
Please leave this question blank if you haven't heard of the campaign.
Very poor
Clear selection
10. Were you involved with cycling advocacy before the Big Ride?
11. Have you signed up to Londoners on Bikes?
Londoners on Bikes is a campaign seeking to mobilise the 'cycling vote' in the London elections
12. Are you a member of any other campaign group? (Please state which).
About You
13. Where do you live?
14. How old are you?
15. What is your highest educational qualification?
16. What is your gender?
Further research/project information
17. If you would consider taking part in further research (e.g. an interview) please include your email address here.
18. If you would like to receive the project report, please include your email address here.
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