Diversity Affairs Council Fall 2018 Recruitment Application
The diversity affairs council’s mission is to foster a more inclusive campus community by encouraging student group collaboration, promoting productive dialogue around issues of diversity, and advocating on behalf of all student voices. We are excited to see that you are interested in becoming an active voice on our campus!

Here are descriptions of the positions we currently have open:

Committee Members:
Serve as a general member to the council by filling in the cracks and helping out wherever needed

Everyone's Welcome Campaign Director:
Responsible for managing the Everyone's Welcome Campaign. This includes reviewing applications and promoting EWC. Student groups who want to collaborate for an event can apply for funding through the EWC. You will work closely with our community outreach directors and the Student Union Treasury.

Works closely with VP Finance and SU Treasury as well as the Co-Directors of Programming, in crafting the DAC's budget. This position is integral in deciding what events the DAC can put on, and what those events can entail.

Applications due September 14th.

Toni Aguilar Rosenthal
DAC Chair
Email: dac@su.wustl.edu

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