Live Free or Kiki Mini-ball Registration
Ballroom is an underground LGBTQIA+ subculture that originated in New York City under the tutelage of Black and Latine members of the community.  Black and Latine drag artists began to organize their own pageants in opposition to racism experienced in established drag pageant circuits.  This history still informs the culture, and this event is a reflection of that. We ask that registrants are respectful of the role of the BIPOC members of the Queer community in organizing, strengthening and defending us during Pride, in ballroom and beyond it. 

Ultimately, ballroom is about the freedom to express your truest self, to tell your story and perform any identity you want. This mini-ball is a love letter to the history, the legends, and to upcoming stars.

Enter to win cash prizes, trophies, prize baskets and NOTORIETY. You may walk multiple categories. *** Vogue/Hands categories will be added dependent on interest!*** Registration closes July 20th, 2023. Admission to the Pride After Party is free to registered competitors.

Terms to know: 

Female Formtrans women, cisgender women, femme men and drag queens (femme presentation)

Androgynous: Open to all, presenting with both masculine and feminine traits or neither.

Male Form: cisgender men, drag kings, butch women, and trans men (masc presentation)

OTA/Open To All: Open to all genders/sexualities/presentations

Realness: The “realness” aspect is centered on being able to “pass” as male or female (not androgynous).

Face: Allows the participant to sell their face, like they are on a photo shoot set for a major fashion magazine. The point is to highlight the face, their best features, the way they move down the runway, use their hands, and angle their face.

Runway: Elements of runway: straight-away (strut), poses, the “look”. Female figures generally walk straight up and down, incorporating poses, but leaving the “antics” out as much as possible (think European runway shows). The same applies for male figures, except that it is generally acceptable for them to give extra “antics” or shade or stunts. Effects and garments should “hold up” during category and not fall off or fall apart.

Bizarre: Creativity! Bizarre/ out-of-this-world looks!!! Effects and garments should “hold up” during category and not fall off or fall apart.

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