Lily Rose Co. Brand Rep Application
We are looking for genuine, enthusiastic and engaging reps to represent our brand and help with upcoming promotions.
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LRC Brand Rep Terms
Term: 9/15 - 12/15 (3 Months)

As an LRC rep, you will receive one free t-shirt per design drop during your term. We also provide a 25% discount code for personal use and a 15% share code. These can be used any time during your time as a rep.

Brand Rep Requirements:

✿ For each design drop, all reps should provide at least two photos to LRC within a timely manner (no more than 2 weeks from the delivery date) to be used in our various marketing campaigns as well as on the website. *We will tag your provided accounts in any social media posts.

✿ All reps are required to follow on Instagram and actively engage with our account through saves, comments and story shares. At least one post per t-shirt should be made on your own account as well.

✿ While it is not required, we greatly appreciate any participation in the Lily Rose Co. VIP Group on Facebook. You're more than welcome to post pictures, games, questions, etc.

Please Note:
- Your profile must be public.
- Participation is a must. If you are not active during the first month, you will be removed from the program without notice.
By checking this box, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above terms. *
By checking this box, you give Lily Rose Co. permission to use you and/or your child's photos in various marketing initiatives. This includes our website, social media and email campaigns. *
Please submit your Instagram handle. *Profile must be public. *
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