Duo Gomoku / Дуо Гомоку
What is better than playing Gomoku? Playing Gomoku with your friend! Have you ever imagined a Gomoku game played by two pairs instead of two players? This is exactly what "Duo Gomoku" is about! Let's try a new style of Gomoku tournaments, where two players create a team and then play against other teams!

So how to play Duo Gomoku? Before each tournament every two players register teams known as "Duos". During each single game two duos play against each other in turns. In the first turn the first player of the first duo makes a move - plays an opening, in the second turn the first player of the second duo makes a move - chooses a color or adds two stones, the third move is made by the second player of the first duo, and the fourth move is made by the second player of the second duo. Then the game continues normally with the same scheme - the players of both duos move in turns. There is one goban and one clock, like in a usual Gomoku game.

We would like to ask you to sincerely answer a few questions about Duo Gomoku - your opinion is valuable to us.

Thank you!

Adéla Krylová (Raptor) and Łukasz Majksner (Usiek)
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