2020 WEC Nonprofit Grant Application
Welcome to the application for the 2020 Women's Entrepreneurial Conference (WEC) Grant Competition! This year 26 grants will be awarded to Utah women business owners totaling $ 23,000 to help them grow their businesses. One of these grants, for $1,000, will be awarded to a Utah nonprofit organization.

To be eligible, the nonprofit must primarily benefit women in the State of Utah. The funds must be used for a new program, service or item that will generate new revenue for the nonprofit. In addition, the Executive Director must be a woman.

Before filling out the application, please go to our website at UtahWEC.com for competition eligibility, rules, instructions, important dates and what the judges are looking for.

If you have specific questions regarding this form, please email them to UtahWEC@gmail.com.

Good Luck!
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Succinctly describe your nonprofit. Be sure to include what you provide, who and why they started it, what need your product or service fulfills, who your target audience is, accomplishments and what is on the horizon.
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Use of Funds (500 Word Maximum) *
Share EXACTLY what things you would purchase with a $5,000 WEC grant and why. Be sure to list specific items with prices.
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Impact on Company Growth from Use of Funds (500 Word Maximum) *
Share how your nonprofit will become more sustainable if you were able to purchase the list from your Use of Funds. Be sure to Include statistics including estimated increase in new customers, product/services sold/provided, and dollar amounts in new/increased revenue. Share the time frame for your growth and number of any new employees you will be able to hire.
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