Guided Wild Client Application
Please complete and submit this brief form before paying the fee for any Guided Wild Weekend. Dan will review each applicant and email you back ASAP.

Please note that I will not share ANY of this information with anyone. It is only for my own use to best prepare for Guided Wild Weekends.

Please complete one application per person (e.g. couples should complete 2 applications)
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Have you spent time in nature with Dan Gardoqui in the past? *
If you answered YES to the above question, please list a few trips or courses you've done with Dan in the past.
Please disclose anything that might affect your ability to fully partake in an off-trail, moderately strenuous wilderness adventure in challenging weather conditions? (e.g. any physical, emotional or other issues) *
Is there anything else you'd like for me to know (or to ask me) before submitting your application to partake in an upcoming Guided Wild Weekend?
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