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legacy form:

http://tilde.town is a small computer publicly accessible on the internet and meant for sharing. It is intended as an open, welcoming and safe space to explore digital art and digital socialization in a post-facebook age. tilde.town encourages lo-fi HTML art, hi-fi Javascript experiments, lots of ascii art, the sharing of feels, and chatting.

If you have any problems with this process, please send a tweet to https://twitter.com/nate_smith or file a helpdesk ticket here https://tilde.town/helpdesk .

Desired Username *
your username should be alphanumeric and lowercase with no special characters.
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Alternate username *
In case your desired username is taken, what is a good backup?
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SSH public key *
Password login is not permitted. We use SSH keys, which are safer and more fun! If this is a new thing for you, don't worry, it's easy. For more information and a tutorial, go to: http://tilde.town/~wiki/ssh.html
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tilde.town will let you know when your membership has been activated (or if there was a problem with your account) using this email.
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Display Name
This value will be used as a sort of "full name" on the server. There is no pressure **at all** for this to be your "real" name. You can also just leave it blank. For example, my display name is "vilmibm shaksfrpease" and that's definitely not what my parents agreed to call me.
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What interests you in tilde.town?
This is a totally optional place for you to tell us what excites you about getting a ~ account. This is mainly just so we can all feel warm fuzzies.
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tilde.town Acceptable Use Policy *
tilde.town has a code of conduct which you can read at https://tilde.town/~wiki/conduct.html . If you agree to it, please type LET'S DO THIS in th box below.
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