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As an important principle about the economic system the European Union aspires to the social market economy; this economic system could require corporate social responsibility from the European citizens while acting economically.
With this questionnaire, we want to know your opinion on some aspects related to the “Corporate Social Responsibility”, in general. Also with this questionnaire we want to receive your opinion on concrete objectives and real (possible) CSR activities in your company.
This questionnaire is anonymous and the results will be used for the purpose of scientific research project.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Q1. The EU aspires to social market economy e.g. : "An economic system based on a free market operated in conjunction with state provision for those unable to work, such as elderly or unemployed people". Do you agree with these economic political objectives? *
I agree completely
I disagree completely
Q2. In your opinion, do we need CSR in order to realize the social market economy? *
Q3. For your company CSR is *
Q4. We should realize CSR in order to: *
1. I disagree completely
2. If anything I agree
3. neither … nor
4. If anything I disagree
5. I agree completely
Improve the awareness level of the company
Enhance the motivation and the engagement of the employees
Improve the customers loyalty
Improve the image of the company
Have better conditions to attract qualified employees
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