Operation E.L.F.
Hello Friends,

The season of giving is right around the corner and we need your help to make the holidays a little more bright for some.

Each year we see many children whose families are not able to provide that little something extra around the holidays. We believe no child should have the heartache of not having anything to open on Christmas morning. This is why we need YOU!

Through your participation with the our annual Christmas program, your business or organization is able to help bring joy to not only the children we see here at our center but also their parents/guardians by aiding in making the holiday season a little less stressful for those who need some extra assistance.

Thank you in advance for supporting the children and families of Dorchester Children's Center and helping us to create an all around happier holiday season for all!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL DONATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8TH. We need time to sort, bag, and arrange pick up with the families. Your cooperation and understanding is very much appreciated. Thank you!

We thank YOU!

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Have you partnered with the Dorchester Children's Center and our Christmas Program in the past? *
Are you interested in participating in our Angel Tree program? (Setting up a Christmas Tree in your business/organization that has paper Angels hanging from it. Each Angel gives a certain child's information, such as sizes and wishlist items, so that people can choose an Angel and buy gifts for that child specifically. Gifts will be returned to your business/organization for delivery to DCC at the end of the drive.) *
If so, how many Angels would you like to receive to start? Please note we can always add more as needed so start with a smaller number and we can grow from there! *
Would you like a Angel Card to go along with each child to include a gender, age, sizes and/or wishlist? *
Are you interested in participating in our Toy Drive Box program? (Having a box set up at your business or organization to allow for the collection of donated toys. ) *
Are you able to provide your own box to collect items or would you like us to supply one? *
Are you able to get the collected gifts delivered to Dorchester Children's Center or would you like to have them to be picked up? *
Would you like your location to be shared with the public as a partner in Operation E.L.F. and as a place to pick an Angel and/or drop off toys? Please fill out by Nov 10, 2017 to be included. (Check all that apply) *
In order to allow sufficient time to prepare for our families to pick up their gifts, we will need all items collected and returned to DCC by DECEMBER 8, 2017. Are you able to make this date? If no, please tell us why in the other sections so we can make arrangements. Thank you. *
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