#Holistichealthtribe Biz Application
Hey Babe! If you currently have your own Holistic Blog or Spiritual Business (coach, yoga teacher, healer, teacher, etc.) and are interested in joining #Holistichealthtribe with Doterra as a way to add an additional stream of residual income to your existing business model, please fill out the application form below, and we can chat!
I absolutely LOVE IT when I find other thought-leaders and heart-centered business owners, who share similar passions and have similar intentions!

After you fill out this form you'll get an email from me within 48 hours on next steps so you can make sure this opportunity is what you're looking for to help you create the life that your soul desires. I'm so grateful for you already and can't wait to get to know you better!

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What is your business if you have one? What you do, how you work with your clients, the results you help them create
Are you currently using essential oils?
What does natural health, alignment and life purpose mean to you?
Why do you think you're a good fit to #Holistichealthtribe ?
What best describes your goals?
How willing are you to invest the energy, finances, and time into the work we would do together in your business and for you to create the clarity & results you are seeking and deserve?
If you did nothing today to change your current situation, how long would it take you to accomplish the above goals, if ever?
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What's the best way to contact you?
How soon would you like to get started?
Do you have the financial ability to make a small investment of $150 - $300 in yourself to start?
Do you have the financial ability to invest the mandatory amount of $150+ per month? (If you are coachable you will receive this amount many times over each month to cover)
How many hours per week are you willing to invest in your new business?
How did you find us?
Why is now the time to start something new for you life/biz?
What else would you like me to know babe?
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