BCYC Club Boat Return
This form must be completed upon return of your club boat after each practice, clinic or regatta.

Not required during regular spring, summer and fall program hours.

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De-rigging Checklist
Boat/equipment rinsed with fresh water and returned to proper location
Bowline tied securely to dolly handle
Sails dried, rolled, bagged by number and returned to proper location
Rudder, tiller, spin pole and tow line returned to gear box
Spin sheets coiled and hung on hook
Plugs removed, cockpit and air tanks completely drained
Mast up and all rigging properly run
Top cover on and tented with main halyard
Road trailer returned to parking lot with tiedowns locked in trailer box (if applicable)
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Missing Parts
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I understand incomplete items from the checklist above may result in cleaning fees *
I understand that equipment returned late may result in daily late fees *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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