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Do you miss being able to browse the shelves? Have you already read all the books written by your favorite author? Just don't know what to read next?
We can help! Just fill out the form below and give us a day or two. We'll make some selections for you to pick up!
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We will choose from what is currently available in the building and put items on hold for you. You'll receive a "materials available" notification, at which time you can pick up or review your "Surprise" selection. You can review your holds by logging in on the online card catalog or by calling us. If any titles we've chosen don't work for you (already read, not interested) you can let us know & we'll try again.

Once you've been notified that your recommendations are available, simply park in a Curbside Pickup space during open hours and give us a call! We will bring your items to your car.
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