Social equity matters in protected and conserved areas
Information for Participants
Protected areas will be expanded to protect 17% of terrestrial and inland water and 10% of coastal and marine areas by 2020 effectively and equitably (Aichi Target 11). Protected areas should at least do no harm to local stakeholder groups who disproportionately bear the burdens of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services provision, while many benefits accrue to other beneficiaries at broader scales.

We are contacting you to ask if you would be willing to share your knowledge on a particular protected or conserved area that you are familiar with in order to assess and monitor equity in protected areas (recognition of rights, traditional knowledge and institutions, advancing participation in processes and decision making, fair distribution of burdens and sharing of benefits, etc). The questionnaire is structured into three sections and consists of 12 questions. The expected time to complete the questionnaire is about 15-30 minutes.

We will publish our findings in international, peer-reviewed journals. The UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Center could also use the information gathered by this questionnaire to track equity in protected areas and advance policies to help reduce inequality in protected sites.

Your participation in this questionnaire is voluntary and as such will not receive financial or any other type of compensation for participating. Every effort will be made to ensure the confidentiality of the data collected. The data collected will be stored securely at Copenhagen University (KU), Denmark, according to the policies of the university.

This questionnaire is conducted by Dr Noelia Zafra-Calvo from KU as part of a larger research project about tracking equity in Aichi Target 11 funded by the European Union. If you have any questions regarding the survey or your participation please contact me

Dr Noelia Zafra-Calvo
Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate
Natural History Museum of Denmark
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Phone: +4535332198

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