Potential Students In Need of Meals Assistance - COVID-19 School Closure
Families- Boyle County Schools is committed to providing supports during the COVID-19 school closure. If you have any food/meal needs please take a moment to complete this survey. This information is confidential and is being handled with care.
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Boyle County Schools will be setting up drive-thru locations that offer breakfast and lunch. These will be held at Junction City Elementary, Perryville Elementary and Boyle County High School. Do you anticipate using these locations for some of your meals? *
Do you need to request home delivery of meals because you are unable to travel to a site? (ie: Boyle County High School, Southland Christian Church, Junction City Elementary School, Perryville Elementary School and/or Perryville Baptist Church) *
Do you need additional food besides breakfast/lunch that is already being served? *
If you are in need of home delivery, please provide your physical address (house number, street name, city). *
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