Evaluation of your EAPRIL Cloud experience 2017-18
EAPRIL organises interactive activities through thematic Cloud communities, as well as during the annual EAPRIL conference. EAPRIL offers an evolving but continuous platform for practitioners and researchers to interact, collaborate and share knowledge and, as a result, enhance practice. EAPRIL's Clouds are thematic platforms for EAPRIL practitioners to network and discuss research, ideas and resources to help improve learning and teaching. We would like to gather your thoughts, opinions and suggestions on how to improve the Clouds for EAPRIL participants and would be grateful if you could complete the following short survey.
Type of institution where you work or study
Which Clouds have you participated in and what was your experience?
Very unsatisfied
Don't know
Very satisfied
Cloud 1: Teacher Edu
Cloud 2 : Educators Pro Development
Cloud 3 : Strategies
Cloud 4 : innovation in education
Cloud 5 : HRD
Cloud 6: ICT, media & Learning
Cloud 7 : Research impact
Cloud 8 : Diversity in Equality
Cloud 9 : Sounds & Arts
Cloud 10: Assesment & Evaluation
Cloud 11: Practice-based research meth.
Cloud 12: Leadership in Edu
Cloud 13: Starting researchers
Cloud 14: Learning in organisations
What kind of Cloud activities have you attended and how would you rate each (1 is low; 5 is high)?
Not applicable
Cloud seminar/meeting
Cloud invited session/symposium @ conference
Cloud communication (newsletter, social media,...)
Which activities would you like Cloud Coordinators to organise during the EAPRIL Conferences?
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Which activities would you like Cloud Coordinators to organise in beween the EAPRIL Conferences?
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If you would like to propose another new Cloud, please describe the topic and why you feel such a new Cloud is needed in EAPRIL
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Can EAPRIL use your contact details to keep you informed about the Cloud(s) you are interested in and Cloud updates in general?
Please choose which Clouds you wish to receive information and updates about (you can choose more than one option)
if so, at what mail address would like to receive this information?
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