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Can parents bring a child along? If so, let us know if there is a limit to the number of children a participant can bring.
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Are you offering any freebies?
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Who is doing this workshop with you?
(eg. If you're a mum, do you have a backup plan if one of your kids is sick on the day of the workshop? Can you hire a babysitter for the duration of the workshop?)
What are the biggest challenges you can think of & how can Quirkshop support you?
Cancellation by participant: How much notice will they need to give and how much can you refund?
Cancellation by host: What is your Plan B in case you need to pull out? Is there someone else who can run the workshop for you?
Photos are really important!
Please only upload photos that you have taken and have full legal rights to. Do not upload photos from google or any other third parties.
Do you have a photo of (1) your workshop product, (2) yourself/the host and (3) the workshop location?
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Please take note that Quirkshop's fee is 10% of the workshop price.
If you need $30 pp to cover costs, the price on Quirkshop will be $33 (=$30 + $3), so Total Price is $33. The Total Price on Quirkshop must be the same, or less, than the price on your website/in your store, if you have either one.

We offer great flexibility: you can allocate as many or as few workshop spots to Quirkshop as you like.

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This form is only to collect info, we will be in touch with a preview link for you to confirm you are happy to proceed.
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