Support Fund - Application Form
Please fill in this form in order to apply for the Support Fund.

All the applications are private and are only viewed by the Regional Contact Persons and treasurer of the Board of Egea. All the questions are mandatory and even if some of the questions are direct, they help the RCPs to make a well-informed decision, so please be honest. Thank you for your application.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to

With submitting your data, you accept that we are allowed to use and store your personal information for the purpose of your Support Fund application. Your data will only be used by the RCPs and the Treasurer of EGEA. We do not send your data to anyone else. You can always request what data we have from you are we kindly ask you to update us, when your data change. We will delete your data after the next General Assembly.

Here is a list of events for which you can apply for support:

- Annual Congress
- Regional Congresses
- CP Trainings
- Winter and Summer OSM
- Workshop Leader Bootcamp
- Scientific Forum
- Scientific Conference
- Committee live meetings
1. Personal Data
Name and Surname *
Entity *
Email address *
Do you have an official position? *
Please state your position
2. Applying for:
Please state the name of the event and the main organising entity *
Do you have the chance to apply for travel refunds for this event? *
E.g. if you are going to be the entity representative/committee representative/other representative
What is the participation fee for the event? *
3. Amount Requested
What are your expected travel costs? *
We recommend environmental friendly and cheap options.
What amount of money would you like to apply for? *
e.g part of your participation fee, part of your travel costs
4. Why should EGEA fund me?
What is your motivation to participate at this event? *
EGEA can be a great way for self-development. Are you interested of being active in EGEA as a member of your entitiy, a committee or even in any roles in EGEA that would put you in a more responsible postition (workshop leader, CP, Committee Representative etc.)? *
What is your financial situation? Do you have any scholarships? Do you have any part-time/full-time job? *
Give an example of your monthly budget *
Example: Income 490 euros, rent 350, food 100
Are you able to join this event without the support from the Support Fund? *
Thank you for filling in the form! You will receive an e-mail with decision of your support before the payment deadline of the event (even if you are not going to be supported) *
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